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Tricycle Distibution



Noida Lok Manch believes that people with disabilities should have equal access to rights, opportunities, and services and be protected from discrimination, abuse, and neglect. Sadly, many of the world’s more than one billion people with disabilities are routinely denied even the most basic human rights, particularly in the developing world. In many low-income families, where disability is treated as a stigma, people with disabilities can face discrimination in all aspects of life. Shunned by their community and excluded from school, employment, healthcare, and other services due to direct discrimination or a lack of physical accessibility or appropriate resources, people with disabilities often live in extreme poverty and isolation. They are also disproportionately affected by physical and sexual violence.


Noida Lok Manch was motivated to organize a Distribution Camp of Tricycles and Artificial Limbs, crutches and Calipers to be given to physically challenged people in holy place Garh Ganga (Meerut Commissionerate, U.P.) in collaboration with Kalyanam Karoti, Mathura (U.P.) on the occasion of Baisakhi festival on 13.04.2016 to enable them to become contributors to their families. On this occasion, a total OPD of 230 of physically challenged persons were conducted. Based on their physical examinations and needs, we distributed the following equipments to the deserving persons:-


Tricycles            :           70 Nos.

Artificial Legs    :           11 Nos.

Calipers              :          28 Nos.

Vaisakhi             :          31 Nos.

Hand Stick         :          03 Nos.

Hand Splint        :          06 Nos.

Polio Surgery     :          22 Nos.

Our approach to rehabilitation is based on the recognition of individual needs, taking into account a persons individual situation, their environment and the local services available.


Our donors have trusted on us to ensure that no one is left in the shadows. We honor that trust by providing transparent financial reporting, which we encourage our donors to review. Generous, private donors give Noida Lok Manch the autonomy to help vulnerable groups the moment they need assistance. Together we implement programs to improve the living conditions of persons with disabilities, to prevent disabling accidents, and to work with vulnerable populations in times of natural disaster.


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The team at Noida lok Manch are doing a wonderful job...