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Antim Niwas


(Shavdahgrah)  -   A dream project


  • Situated in Sector 94, Noida and sprawling over a large area, it is the only cremation ground in the region.
  • The second cremation ground in North India to have direct access to holy waters from the Ganga and Yamuna for the final rites.
  • facilitates the last rites of the departed soul in a serene, peaceful and spiritual atmosphere.  When one enters into it, one will have the feeling of entering into a garden vibrating with hymns, mantras and soothing music.  It also provides facilities for providing Ganga and Yamuna waters for the rights and also lockers to keep the ashes of the departed soul in the urns to be taken up by the relatives later on for their immersion.  Probably it is the only of its kind in Northern India to provide facility for live telecast of the last ritual for the relatives who have not been able to attend the rights.
  • The presence of the Lotus Pond coupled with the fountain, the beautiful garden, the fragrance of the flowers and a huge statue of Lord Shiva make the environment quite spiritual and somber appropriate to the occasion.
  • It is fully on-line worldwide for all services through BSNL providing direct access and visibility.
  • Antim Niwas while performing its responsibility, keeps environmental concern uppermost in the mind.
  • During the year from January to August, 2015, a total of bodies had been cremated. Out of this ………. bodies were unclaimed for which funds were provided by NLM for their last rites.
  • It has also a CNG run crematorium facility
  • Construction of waiting rooms, information and support centre, provision for pure RO water, ganga water and beautification of the place are some of the major steps taken by NLM to give the place a face-lift for the better.
  • There is a big prayer hall with AC and ceiling fans.
  • Lush green lawns, flowering plants with a lotus pond
  • A large parking area for vehicles.
  • It is manned by …….. staff including sweepers, security guards, gardeners and driver.
  • There are sufficient benches for people to rest.
  • Cost of maintenance of this place is Rs…………. Per month and of all this is collected through donations from the donors.
  • On an average ……. Bodies are cremated every day. The platforms are cleaned thrice in three days.
  • We also cremate the unclaimed dead bodies for free. The poor who cannot afford wood or CNG for cremating dead bodies on their kin are not charged even a single penny.
  • Our all services are free except the cost of wood and CNG and the vehicle for carrying the dead bodies.
  • Quick issuance of the ‘Death Certificate’.
  • It is open 24x7.
    • Antim Niwas is well connected with very wide and well laid roads.
    • Efforts are being made:
      •  To install one more CNG Crematorium under CSR.
      •  To make the Campus more beautiful
      • To make the operation more environment friendly.
  • Your patronage, donations and efforts to make it  clean and green will be appreciated.



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