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Sailent Features

  • Admission is given to children in the 4+ age group from house-holds with a monthly income of less than Rs. 3000/- p.m.
  • Scholarships are given to deserving students.
  • Routine health check-up
  • Sports and co-curricular activities is an integral part.
  • Books, stationery, uniforms, mid-day meals are provided FREE to the students.
  • Sanskar Kendra children are free from the burden of books.
  • Qualified educator introduces the child to stimulating thought, activity and creativity, inculcating a spirit of enquiry and self-expression.
  • Structured activities, movements and exercise build a healthy physique.
  • Children are encouraged to identify colours, combinations, size, shape and texture.
  • An atmosphere of love, understanding and appreciation helps the child to control and ex-press her/his feelings and more importantly in the process to respect the feelings of others.
  • The qualities of citizenship, commitment to hard work and excellence are stressed in the curriculum.
  • Children learn by example to be polite, good, kind, gentle and generous.
  • Special emphasis is laid on the inculcation of ‘Sanskar’ while simultaneously laying the foundations of silence and prayer.


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The team at Noida lok Manch are doing a wonderful job...